Speak EZ provide English
camps for a variety of
schools, organizations
and companies throughout the year.
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Holiday Program

We provide English courses
for students who are
interested in studying
native speakers. We teach every Saturday.
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In Schools

Speak EZ provide English
courses to schools in and
around Bangkok.
Our lessons are tailored to meet each
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SpeakEZ offer a wide variety of courses to schools in and around Bangkok. Our courses have been developed
specifically for Thai students. Each School we work with receive a custom package of SpeakEZ developed courses
to suit their needs and budget requirements.

SpeakEZ courses cover all aspects of the English language. From Speaking and listen to pronunciation and
grammar, we ensure students receive the best possible education to increase their English skills quickly.

SpeakEZ have developed a unique method for teaching. Our intense teacher training ensures all our courses are
taught in a fun and exciting way. Each Class is taught by a native English speaker with a Thai assistant who can
assist with translation and overall classroom management. Using both a native English speaking teacher with a Thai
assistant enables students to participate in the classroom in a way not possible with text book based learning.


Our teaching team consists of a native English speaker and a Thai team teacher. We select each of our teachers
carefully to ensure their teaching will be of the highest standard.

We understand that the future success of Speak EZ is dependent on the quality of our teaching staff. Therefore,
we insist that all our teachers hold at least a bachelors degree and have one year experience teaching English.
More than this Speak EZ regularly train teachers to sharpen their teaching skills and provide them with new and
exciting ideas to use in the classroom.

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Speak EZ Teaching Methods

Speak EZ teaches English through songs and games so that children actually enjoy their learning experience. The teaching team consists of a native speaker
and a Thai teacher who assists in translations, activities and overall classroom management. Thus enabling the learner to participate in a way not available in
traditional textbook learning.

The strength of the system is that when students are introduced to a fun, active learning environment, they quickly become motivated to participate in the group.
Students are then able to learn from one another as well as the teachers.

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The Importance Of Learning At An Early Age

Learning English at an early age is vitally important. Young learners are able to absorb much more information than older learners. This makes studying English
easier in later years. Importantly young children are not so inhibited by self consciousness which prevents them from actively participating in class activities aimed
at improving their English ability.

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