Speak EZ provide English
camps for a variety of
schools, organizations
and companies throughout the year.
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Holiday Program

We provide English courses
for students who are
interested in studying
native speakers. We teach every Saturday.
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In Schools

Speak EZ provide English
courses to schools in and
around Bangkok.
Our lessons are tailored to meet each
school’s needs. Read More

While Thai schools close for term breaks Speak EZ teachers are still busy! Speak EZ provide various term break activities.

H10               H11               H12              H13

These holiday programs are similar to camps in that lessons are based around an exciting topic, and involve both a worksheet
and a fun activity.  Holiday program sessions are usually slightly longer than normal as there’s so much fun to fit in!

H1       H2       H3

H4       H5       H6

H7       H8       H9